MADISON, AL (April 16, 2018) – Autonomous_ID Corporation, a leading developer of wearable biometric technology, said today it has agreed in principle to acquire the intellectual property of Morningbird Media Corp., an Alabama company focused on a novel additive system and methods for creating 3D printed functional electronic circuits and circuit boards.


“Morningbird’s leading-edge technology will optimize the production of our Bio_Sole®, address deficiencies of current methods of fabrication and assembly of electronic devices and accelerate improvements in health care, fitness and athletic performance, and security for critical infrastructure,” said Todd Gray, CEO of autonomous_ID. “The acquisition minimizes ongoing risk of exposure of core intellectual property and ensures greater control of on-demand manufacturing processes and supply chain.”


“The Bio_Sole is a revolutionary product with highly unique operational requirements,” said Dr. Chance Glenn, CEO of Morningbird Media Corp. “I look forward to enabling its production through the Electronic Alchemy eForge and, as the Chief Science Officer of autonomous_ID Manufacturing & Supply Inc., to pursue improvements to solid freeform fabrication (SFF) machines, electronic materials, and direct print libraries of electronic components and assemblies.”


“We have been working closely with Morningbird Media to advance solid freeform fabrication, which is quickly becoming recognized for its ability to reduce cost and time for product development,” said Dr. Erik M. Mettala, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of autonomous_ID.  “Unlike traditional manufacturing, the future of manufacturing can become limitless where any consumer electronic component or product can be developed quickly and adapted at a fraction of the cost and time of current manufacturing methods.”


Autonomous_ID expects that pilot programs this summer in the United States, Canada and Japan will demonstrate the functional reliability and efficacy of solid freeform fabrication of electronics in the harshest of human activity environments.

About Morningbird Media


About Morningbird


Morningbird is the creator of the Electronic Alchemy eForge, the first commercially available 3D printing system to produce functional electronic devices. Headquartered in Madison, Alabama, the company innovates, develops and commercializes advanced technology.


About autonomous_ID


Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, autonomous_ID is a provider of a new category of personalized wearable platforms with application across market segments of identity security, mobile health and general performance and fitness.


About autonomous_ID Manufacturing & Supply


Headquartered in Madison, Alabama, the newly formed company manages the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of the Electronic Alchemy eForge for Bio_Sole production as well as for all future applications of the solid freeform fabrication of functional electronic systems for automotive, aviation and consumer electronics.


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Morningbird Media Corp.

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Autonomous ID

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