BIO_SOLE® is a self-contained biometric credentialing system designed to meet the security, mobility and privacy needs of identity and access control automation. BIO_SOLE is suitable for the most sensitive controlled-access applications. Its reliable and consistent performance eliminates the security risks associated with lost swipe cards, compromised access codes and identity theft. BIO_SOLE is also cost effective.


Each person walks in a way that is unique to them. This way of walking, or gait, creates a PEDO_BIOMETRIC® signature that can be used to establish identity and to monitor various health conditions.

The unique PEDO_BIOMETRIC signature is created by measuring the pressure placed on the different regions of the foot while standing, walking or running. This data is gathered by the BIO_SOLE® and can be monitored for changes over time.

Mobile Health

BIO_SOLE® is poised to play an integral role in Mobile Health (mHealth)—the use of mobile devices and technologies to support the delivery of health care services.

The BIO_SOLE can be used for:

  • Occupational Health and Safety: Occupational health and safety departments can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE® to measure the impacts on workers of heavy lifting, prolonged standing and other physical stresses. This information can be used to prevent injuries, maintain or increase productivity, and save industry billions of dollars each year
  • Sports: Physiotherapy and rehabilitation experts can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE to monitor and prevent sports injuries. This information can be used to customize treatment plans and to ensure that long-term mobility issues do not happen.
  • Seniors: Seniors can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE to monitor their balance to prevent falls. By monitoring their movements in real time, seniors can learn when to rebalance themselves to prevent falls and injuries. This information can also be used by first responders to aid those who have fallen.
  • Disease: Medical professionals and emergency responders can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE to monitor people with diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke, lower limb amputation, diabetic neuropathy and more. This information can be used to monitor the progression of disease and to respond to falls.
  • Medicine: Medical professionals and researchers can use the information gathered by the BIO_SOLE to monitor stumbles and falls in people taking new medications. This information can be used to adjust medication dosage, and to reduce the incidence of adverse drug effects.

autonomous_ID has partnered with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick to study and evaluate the BIO_SOLE. During this study, the BIO_SOLE is used during a variety of physical activities and the gathered data is processed using software contained in the insole. This creates a baseline PEDO_BIOMETRIC® signature for each BIO_SOLE user that will be monitored over time for early detection of conditions like diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia and more.


 The BIO_SOLE® Console enables real-time change control, audit, system mapping, analytics, intelligence and emergency location services, providing a common picture of the deployment environment and its active resources and authorized personnel.

BIO_SOLE’s closed-loop identity platform minimizes the use of client infrastructure.  Administrative overhead, including secure storage and site bandwidth allocations, is dramatically reduced.

Research & Development

autonomous_ID is actively accepting research proposals in a variety of fields. Award considerations transpire on a rolling basis. Contact Us for more information.